Chaaye Khana, a tea-lover’s dream, inaugurated as Tobacco-Smoke Free Facility

Chaaye Khana is declared as tobacco-smoke free facility. It is a renowned public place where tea is not just a beverage; it is a thirst quencher, a reason for friendly get – together,a day- starter, a peace-offering, a relaxant, a snack, a meal, a deal-breaker tradition. We are a people that will conduct a multi-million rupee deal over acup of tea. It is an essential ingredient of our social fabric, had at all formal and casual occasion and at all level of our social strata. It is not a beverage. It’s a social lubricant.

Management of Chaaye Khana has taken environment friendly initiative and protected the nonsmokers health.Inauguration ceremony was conducted on November 20, 2016. Dr. Fouad Aslam,Technical Adviser, The Union participated specially and Dr. Minhaj-us-Siraj,Project Director was the chief Guest. Project Staff and Chaaye Khana Staff were present during the inauguration.

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